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Let others follow your successful trading strategies to earn more. Lead others as a Strategy Manager with GIC Markets copy trading program. This gives you the opportunity to earn more profits with every successful trade, plus the ones you're already making.

Strategy Manager Platform (PAMM)

PAMM, (Percentage Allocation Money Management). It's the best way to access market opportunities without needing any rigorous skills, with minimum effort. Just select & view GIC Markets traders (Strategy Managers) who are preferred for you and follow their trading strategies and get your profit share. Becoming profitable was never easy like this before

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Why Become a Strategy Manager with GIC Markets?


Ramp up your earnings

Get a share of your followers' profits, you get to set your custom commission percentage.


Grow your followers network

The more your followers grows, the greater the profit numbers you will earn.


The best of both Sides

You can become a Strategy Manager as well as holding a personal account.


Competitive pricing & value

Open an Strategy Manager account to get the best returns at the best pricing.


How to become a Strategy Manager

  • 1. Register with us or log in to GIC Markets
  • 2. Open an Manager account in GIC Markets
  • 3. Get approved & followed by investors
  • 4. Keep trading well
  • 5. Get share of your investor’s profit

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Become a strategy manager

Frequently Asked Questions

A Strategy Manager offers other traders to follow their positions and copy their strategies automatically. On successful trades, they will receive a percentage of the profits. Hence, the higher the number of followers a Strategy Manager has, the greater the income.

Very simple. You just have to Sign up and open a manager account. Once you have done that, contact our support team and share your trade results. After being approved, you can start trading and earn a percentage of your investors' profit.

Having the necessary market knowledge and confidence in your trading strategies are the key components. It is also very important to keep track of the markets and conduct research often to increase your success chances

The answer depends completely on the markets traded, the amount of capital invested, and the size of positions. Depending on how much profit your followers make, you may earn up to 30% commission.

Not at all. You will receive one execution fee for all of your copied trades with no hidden cost. There is no difference in the other costs (e.g., spreads) as if you traded privately.
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