Trading Requires Skill

Trading is profitable but it requires a lot of skill and experience, as well as time for monitoring the markets. Feeling not confident enough?, Don’t worry, we have a solution. It's called the GIC Markets copy trading program (PAMM).

What is GIC Markets PAMM?

PAMM, (Percentage Allocation Money Management). It's the best way to access market opportunities without needing any rigorous skills, with minimum effort. Just select & view GIC Markets traders (Strategy Managers) who are preferred for you and follow their trading strategies and get your profit share. Becoming profitable was never easy like this before

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Why copy trade with GIC Markets?


You will have more time

Copy trade & spend your valuable time on other things. Your Strategy Manager will do the trading for you.


No trading skills?

Don’t worry. Copy the strategies of our experienced traders and no need to take the hassle of analyzing.


Let your money work for you

Retain full control of your money at all times. Pay a small fee when your Strategy Manager makes a profit.


Competitive pricing & value

Strategy Managers benefit from the lowest spreads on major FX pairs on the Advantage account


How to become an investor

  • 1. Register with us or log in to GIC Markets
  • 2. Open an Invest account in GIC Markets
  • 3. Make a deposit.
  • 4. Choose a Strategy Manager
  • 5. Automatically copy their strategy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Copy trading is basically a strategy for managing portfolios. This strategy allows you to choose a more experienced trader than you and copy their strategies and positions to cut down on both the time and effort required to monitor markets and learn technical skills. It is ideal for beginners.

There is no specific trading platform when it comes to copy trading with GIC Markets PAMM. From your dashboard, you can see your account details including open trades, as well as monitor your investment account in real-time.

This depends on the Strategy you choose to follow, as well as whether they make successful trades. Keep in mind that, you have to only pay a fee when your Strategy Manager makes a successful trade.

Sign up or log in to GIC Markets to create an Invest account. Once you're ready, you'll choose your Strategy Manager, make your deposit, and automatically follow their trades.
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